Since its establishment, MAAN has been active in many areas with housing, healthcare facilities, education buildings, industrial products and healthcare projects. The mission of the company depends on honesty and principled work. By developing innovative solutions according to todays technology in all sectors,MAAN is rapidly progressing.

MAAN has an experienced, young, dynamic team with efficient working perception who always succeeds the unaccomplished. MAAN, which takes part in many projects, contributes to our country's economy with its structure that develops day by day.

Our corporate aims  to set an example for our environment and business world.Thus MAAN’s values include diligence and discipline,high profile engineering, focus on the quality, efficiency, solution orientated, productive, open to developments and continuing education, human investment, commitment to cultural and ethical values, open communication, teamwork, environmental awareness and rationality in all sectors in which we operate.

MAAN has adopted the principle of honesty and respect to people with its professional management approach.Our company is progressing rapidly, adhering to these values and in the sectors in which it operates.



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