Social responsibility awareness that we have is one of the basic stones of our corporate culture.

Our Core Values

The basic principles of our social responsibility understanding are the following:

  • Keeping the environmental impact of our activities to a minimum.
  • Minimize the negative impacts on the social environment.
  • To maximize the consumption of natural resources.
  • Taking measures to protect the environment and the ecological balance.
  • To prevent damage to historical and cultural artifacts and structures, local cultures.
  • To do the work necessary for the development and settlement of the environment and social consciousness.
  • To provide all kinds of support for strengthening the cultural life and education infrastructure.

The Key of Development Human Investment

We are aware that the main element of development and development is "investment in human beings". we believe that providing support and contribution to education is the most effective indicator of social responsibility.

Since our establishment ; in these direction  we provide support for the construction of educational institutions and the provision of quality education in these institutions.


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